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What Is The Real Meaning Of The Trophy Room?

What picture do you form in your mind when you think about a trophy room? Many would think of huge rooms that once showcased the grandeur and wealth of kings of past centuries. The history books and museums are full of game trophies and amazingly expensive artifacts that had once been part of these rooms.

Today however, with hunting banned, the rooms dedicated for trophies are no longer filled with stuffed majestic animals; they now contain fishing trophies or sports trophies. Though the scale has been reduced drastically, the meaning has been carried over through generations: it projects the owner's power and ability to excel.

There is something very primitive in men that pushes them to test their strength and cunning against the most dangerous of animals. The more challenging the task; the more thrilling the high that it gives. Fishing has been a favorite pastime for men from time immortal and as fishing gradually replaced hunting, the trophies changed from those of ferocious tigers and lions, to huge and hard-to-catch fish.

Not everybody hunts or fishes, but that does not mean that they would not maintain a trophy room. You would very rarely find a family or institution that does not have this special place where they display the recognition of their achievements. This could be a small corner, a wall or just a trophy case, but it would definitely be there because this is the place that proves your excellence in your field.

The meaning that the trophy room had for kings and that which you experience today has changed a little. What was once meant to showcase raw strength and obscene wealth is now used to celebrate one's inner talents. This room or corner is created and maintained to reinforce the fact that everybody is the best sometimes, somewhere, somehow. Each award or trophy that is proudly displayed in the trophy case is proof that you can be the best; and this is the meaning of this room today.

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