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Teachers With The Cell Phones In The Class

A classroom should have a calm environment and no element should be entertained which create distraction. The use of cell phones creates distraction in the class so it should be banned in the schools. Most importantly the SMS messaging is changing the world as there are 4.2 billion texters worldwide. Texting is the most used data service in the world. People like to keep cell phones even if the electricity service is not there in the locality. Cell phone also can become the next learning tool in the classroom. It causes serious disturbanceours.
Have you ever thought that it is not only the students who create problem with the cell phone; in fact teachers are also spoiling the environment of the school by bringing the cell phone. The use of cell phones by students in the school premises spoils the atmosphere of the school but the teachers are also equally responsible for that, if they are allowed. So if students are not allowed to carry their cell phones to schools then the teachers should not be allowed to either. In many cases, teachers are found to be talking over the phone for a longer period when they are inside the class or may be while discussing on an important topic. Moreover, when teachers use mobile phones in the classrooms, it encourages students to use cell phones in the class. It really stops the student from concentrating in their studies and deviate their mind.
When the teachers use the mobile phone inside the class, it really hampers the student's performance. Now you must be thinking how the students are suffered  in the classroom and students also use it for cheating purpose and harass other students during class time. It is one of the controversial issue that school administrator always confront with the matter of cell phones and the students. It seems that virtually every school takes a different stance on the issue of cell phones in school. These days users have so much to do with the cell phones than the past years. Students use their cell phone to send messages, digital photos and short digital video clips. For this reason most schools have banned on carrying cell phones and some of the schools ask the students to keep the cell phones off during school h when the teachers bring the mobile phone in the school premises. There are many schools in which the principle of the school asked the teachers not to bring their mobile phone or keep it switch off during the class time. Teachers agree this for that particular time but in reality they don't follow the rules. It result in wastage of resources and the chapters are remain untaught because of the interruption in the class due to mobile phones. This not only ruins the studies of the students but also breaks the rules of the school which are made by teachers only. So just to maintain the decorum of the school teacher has to follow the rules if this is for the teachers and the school.

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