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Leadership Lab-aiesec In Delhi Iit

AIESEC IS the world's largest and strongest youth-run organisation present in over 110 countries with over 45000 members across 1700 universities. AIESEC?s innovative development process includes international and national network and practical work experience which enables them to explore and develop their leadership potential through which they envision peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential.

The journey of a thousand miles begins from the very first step. AIESEC trough its learning network helps its members to develop their soft skills and knowledge at a young age which equips them with a competitive edge need. AIESEC in Delhi IIT, the oldest local chapter of AIESEC INDIA, is being lead by Prithvish Uppal, a 20 year old Delhi University student, with a team of 12 diverse individuals handling different sectors of the organisation namely corporate, development, communications, finance, external relations and many more.

"Leading an organisation completely on my own has not only embedded in me virtues of a good leader but also helped me develop entrepreneurial skills and made me a global citizen. Today I can not only develop and enhance the learning of myself but also of people around me."

The local chapter has a membership of more than 120 members from across different colleges of Delhi University. It is known for creating generations of leaders since its inception in 1981 with alumnus like Arjun Bhagat of IIT Delhi, co-founder AIESEC in Delhi and chairman calibrated group who have lead teams facilitated exchange and conducted events to have a positive impact on the society. In 2009, the local chapter facilitated around 220 AIESEC experiences in different sectors to have a direct or indirect impact on the society. Currently they are running projects on issues like micro-economics, csr, child rights, women empowerment, substance abuse in the development sector and technology, hospitality, business development in the corporate sector.

It has also conducted events like Balakalakaar for 1000 children to give them a day of happiness in collaboration with Meow104, Dominoes and Zee News. They are facilitating internships for companies like Yamaha, Trident, Oberoi, Technopak, Helpage India where people from different countries come together to work on different projects which may be socially inclined or for development giving them an international experience and a dynamic environment.

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