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Tattoo - Exciting Alternative to Art Expression!

The Tattoo has made a comeback in terms of popularity, especially in America, Europe and Japan.  With the advancements in the equipment and tattoo pigments being used as well as the entry into the industry of new artists who have backgrounds in fine arts, the explosion of tattoo designs, colors and execution has attracted enthusiasts all over the world.
The influence of the tattoo in pop culture is made evident in television shows such as Miami Ink, LA Ink and many others. Popular singers, actors and actresses sporting tattoos paved the way for the acceptance of tattoo as an art. The west has always been the first to accept nontraditional expression of art. In Europe, particularly Russia, the tattoo is considered an integral part of the mafia culture. Although the tattoo has also enjoyed a new found popularity in Europe, historically it has shown a decline in periods of history where Christianity or any other religion which holds tattooing as a pagan practice is widespread.
Various telephone and online surveys have been conducted with regards to the prevalence of tattoos. Results showed that men have a bigger tendency to have a tattoo than women. Gay and lesbian populations have the most concentration of tattoo enthusiasts and the west seems to lead in the promotion and practice of the tattoo as an art. When celebrities began sporting the tattoo, the mindset of the masses slowly started changing. Notable celebrities like Angelina Jolie, whose support to various charitable institutions is sending a positive message to the world that tattoo-sporting men and women do have good sides. Even though she never sought for the advancement of the tattoo as an art, her continued support of tattooing makes her a patron.
Even with the widespread acceptance of the tattoo as an art of body modification, still it makes it difficult for some to have gainful employment especially if the tattoos are conspicuous. A tattoo that dominates the face and body of the individual possesses negative connotations to some sections of society. In Japan, those with tattoos are sometimes banned from public places for fear that they may be part of the dreaded Yakuza. In the United States, it is a common practice among inmates to have tattoos.

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