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Choosing the Best Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is permanent, so there's no space for "what ifs" once the process is done. There are many points to consider so you avoid regrets and disappointments later. Looking into each of these considerations will help make you tattooing experience a pleasant and rewarding one.
First, identify which part of the body you'd want a tattoo on. Certain tattoo designs only work well on particular parts of the body. Repetitive flowing patterns look good on the hands or legs, but they'll look inappropriate when done on the shoulder or the tummy. Likewise, small tattoos designed to accent portions of the ear or hand won't get noticed when done on the legs or back.
Next choose the design, pattern and colour of the tattoo you want for a particular spot in your body. Put some bits of your personality into your design choice. Your tattoo should speak of your personality, your beliefs or your advocacies. If you're an idealist, a heart-with-wings design will look good on you. If you're a nature lover, butterflies and floral patterns are a popular choice. If you're into animal protection, a bear paw will look cute; on the other hand, if you're the spiritual type, a celestial pattern will suit you best. Ask your friends what they think of your design preference. Better yet, check with tattoo artists if your choice is appropriate in terms of size, representation and visual impact.
Lastly, go for professional tattoo artists that have gained a positive reputation in your community. Check out their facilities - the tattooing area should be clean and sanitized. Ask how much they will charge you so there won't be any misunderstandings regarding costs after the procedure. You may also seek their suggestions. Tattoo shops have a wide range of great designs you can choose from. You can even ask for a test procedure using washable ink once you've laid down the deal. Most tattoo shops offer this so you can get an actual sample before going for the real thing.

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